Multi-Stall All-Gender Restrooms: A Resource Master Post

Sinks in an all-gender restoom.

When I was an undergraduate at the University of Colorado Boulder, two sets of permanent multi-stall all-gender restrooms were constructed. This construction marked the end to years of advocacy from staff and students who came before me and my peers, and since my graduation has continued onward with the construction of two more sets.

I often point to CU Boulder’s example when I discuss multi-stall all-gender restrooms with other student affairs professionals. Because I often link to the same resources, I collected them all here into one easily sharable post. I will continue to modify and add to this post over time as I find resources that I consider particularly useful when advocating for all-gender restrooms.

Last modified: 1/4/2018

Links to Resources


  • “CU Boulder’s All-Gender Bathroom” (2014) This video was created by staff and students. It’s an awesome and quick introduction that shows the benefits for parents, people with disabilities, and even breaking down some of the rigid parts of masculinity!
  • “Free to Pee” (2010) I made this for a documentary filmmaking class. I focused on the process of getting the first two sets of multi-stall all-gender restrooms on campus and a current campaign for a third set in the student union. This includes some footage from the residence hall restroom which looks a little different than others because of the showers.
  • “Toilet Training” (2003) This film is available from the Silvia Rivera Law Project.