Quick Tip: Provide Pads & Tampons in the Men's Restroom

Image of a small container attached to a bathroom mirror containing pads and tampons.

Looking for an easy way to make an impact for trans people on your campus? Check out this resource that was added to the men's restroom in my building today. It's a small container attached to the mirror with pads and tampons in it. This is a fantastic way to acknowledge and serve the needs of trans men, transmasculine genderqueer folks, nonbinary people who were assigned female at birth, and others on these spectra.

A way to take this resource a step further would be to also provide wastebaskets in the stalls in the men's room and in other restrooms that don't currently have them. This helps with convenience and privacy.

If you're a student affairs professional working toward trans inclusion, this is something that can be done regardless of the restroom situation at your institution. My building doesn't have any unisex or all-gender restrooms, so it's especially important here. But even if you have unisex or all-gender restrooms, there could probably still be folks on your campus who use men's restrooms and can utilize these resources.

For cis men who see a resource like this in the men's restroom, please do everyone a favor and don't waste the resource by unwrapping a pad or tampon and throwing it away. One reason that pads and tampons are provided in restrooms for free is because their cost can add up, and anyone who needs access to one of these resources should have the opportunity to access it without the barrier of cost.

TLDR: This is one of the most affirming and low-effort, low-cost ways to include trans people that I have seen, and I see it far too rarely. There's maybe been one or two other posts in this group about this kind of initiative. If you can do this on your campus, please do it. Trans students, staff, and faculty will feel seen, included, and grateful.

Note: I'm not associated with this initiative at my institution; it appears to be led by our Undergraduate Student Government. I'm just an appreciative SApro that saw this appear in the bathroom today and wanted to share my excitement and the idea.