#TransHESA: Dialogue, Research, Action

Earlier this summer, I launched a study to collect more data on the experiences of transgender and transitioning students in college and graduate school, some of which is being assessed for the first time. Monumental as this survey is, and as I hope my findings and the outcomes to be, it's only the beginning.

Today, I'd like to announce the launch of what I hope will become a driving force for studies like this in the years and decades to come. #TransHESA, standing for Trans in Higher Education Student Affairs, calls for dialogue, research, and action to better the higher education experiences of transgender students, especially from the student affairs standpoint of serving the needs of the whole student. What does that look like, and how does it differ from prior work for transgender and transitioning students?


#TransHESA intentionally begins with the hashtag to invite higher education and student affairs professionals and faculty to talk more about the experiences of transgender students, and for those already working with or conducting research for these students to be able to connect and work together.


I developed the idea for #TransHESA while working my way through the literature on transgender students. Because of the lack of many important data, my goal is to use #TransHESA as a way to further the quality and scope of this research, and to help connect transgender and transitioning students and alumni to studies seeking their input. In the long term, this may even help track changes in student needs over time.


Of course, talking about how to serve transgender students and learning about who they are and what they need to succeed in higher education only gets us so far. #TransHESA is a call to action, to take what we do know and enact the best practices we have learned. To take our conversations one step further, to dive in deeper, and to make every college a welcoming and safe college for transgender and transitioning students.


How can I get involved?

Spread the word! Feel free to use #TransHESA on social media platforms with hashtag capabilities, and link to this post or another resource that you have found helpful to serve your transgender and transitioning students. My post collecting helpful articles about LGBT students is a great start for sharing research and encouraging action based upon it.

I’m interested and want to stay updated.

Excellent! Feel free to contact me and I will email you with any updates to this initiative. I would anticipate a couple emails per year at the most as I work on my thesis and any follow-up work in the study.

How do I contact you with any questions?

Feel free to reach out to me via my contact page or on social media at the profiles linked at the bottom of this page.