The Importance of Keeping a Log

One summer semester of my film degree, I took a class called Advanced Digital Post-production. Because it was a four-week summer course, our instructor condensed a lot of, well, advanced skills to learn into four total projects--one per week, with the whole week to brainstorm as a group and attempt to solve a problem through trial and error. And believe me, most of the time there was a lot of error and mostly scratching our heads wondering what on Earth we could try next.

Final Cut Pro 7, Snow Leopard, and Mavericks: Adventures in Partitioning to Have It All

After years of avoiding it, I finally decided to do something about running Snow Leopard on my iMac in order to keep Final Cut Pro 7 available. Because it took a couple months of looking into the best way to go about getting Mavericks onto the iMac without losing my Snow Leopard environment, I've detailed here both the options I considered and the process I finally took when I did make the upgrade.

Respecting Gender Identity on College Campuses

What is the "gender binary" and how does it affect students on college campuses? Last week in a class for my student affairs graduate program, myself and about a dozen higher education administrators and faculty were asked just that. For many participants, this was the first time it occurred to them that they might have had a transgender student in one of their classes or utilizing their campus office.

Minimalist Homepage

When I decided to move my homepage last fall, I knew first and foremost that I wanted to build the new site from the ground up and take into mind efficiency and simplicity. I had been working in Drupal site building for about a year, and also exploring minimalism* as a design ideal and lifestyle. On some level, combining the two seemed daunting.

Precision of Language

This weekend I debuted a presentation I have been working on for a few months about semantic differentiation. I was so nervous that no one would show up and any who did would have a deer-in-headlights response, but thankfully it was very much the opposite. The small room was crammed full of at least 40 people who created such an engaging discussion that I had to skip over half of the presentation just to get in all the comments and insight.

Transgender/ed: An Exploration of Grammar

My BA is in Linguistics, and so you can probably guess that all the latest slang trends intrigue me and the tiniest of grammatical errors annoy me. While that's not 100% correct (I'm notorious for making typos and subtle lexical errors that drive English majors mad), I do have to say that being a linguist has made the language use of marginalized and minority communities even more fascinating than it would be otherwise.


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