Welcome to my creative portfolio! Below is a showcase of a few of my films and freelance website design.

Website Design & Management

Included here are designs I created from scratch, or sites I built through freelance work. Please contact me if you would like to inquire about other web design and management I have done as part of teams or with organizations. For example, from 2013-2014 I managed a dozen Drupal-based websites at Colorado State University and would be happy to provide more detail into that work.

Design & Build / Summer 2013 / Visit site / Visit blog

In another project for the CU-Boulder Linguistics department, I designed a website for the LING 1900 practicum. In an effort to excite lower division students about the opportunity to work with children and others learning to read or learning English, I chose a bright and fun look, tying back into the University of Colorado look and feel with the yellow color and brand font. Student blogs are an important part of the practicum, and featured blogs were migrated to a Blogger page with customized theme where they can easily be searched by year and partner organization.

Re-design & Build / Summer 2013 / Visit site

After graduating from CU-Boulder with a BA in Linguistics, I became involved in some redesigns and updates for the sociolinguistics programs, including a major rehaul of the Culture, Language, and Social Practice (CLASP) program website. Similar to the GLBTQ Resource Center website, this project involved implementing a CU Brand Office template, customized to fit the needs of the program. Making use of CSS3 and jQuery allowed for a dynamic look and feel to otherwise static sites hosted on older university servers.

Re-design & Build / November 2011 / Visit site

The layout of the University of Colorado Boulder Gay Lesbian Bisexual Transgender Queer (GLBTQ) Resource Center's website was hand-coded in HTML using DIV columns and styling to meet goals established with Disability Services for ease of reading in screen readers for the blind. The header and footer meet guidelines released by the CU Brand Office, who also designed the logo in the header to reflect system-wide rebranding standards.

I completely researched and wrote content in Campus Transitioning Guide as well. This resource is the most complete of its kind that I am aware of, providing information for transgender prospective, current, and former students of CU-Boulder, covering topics ranging from paperwork, to medical transition, to co-curricular activities, and more.

CU-Boulder has since updated to Drupal, with site layouts standardized across the university; this layout is therefore no longer on the website.

Re-design / March 2010 / Visit site

An updated design for the CU-Boulder Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA) included text content and a hover effect on the navigation top-bar. The previous website used a series of images, meaning that content could not be linked to more than one link per page, and screen readers would not be able to read the content. The updated design allows for a more user-friendly experience and a clean, professional image.

Design & Build / April 2009 / Visit site

A complete redesign of the website for Gather, an LGBTQ support group for students and community members at CU-Boulder. Using images on the previous website, I chose a soothing color palette and basic layout to convey just the necessary information. Gather is now known as Kaleidoscope.

Design & Build / 2008 / Visit site

Transform was a student-facilitated support group at CU-Boulder for transgender, genderqueer, or questioning individuals and allies. At the end of the Spring 2009 semester, Transform officially merged with Gather, a GLBTQIA support group at CU-Boulder. Beforehand, I created this site for the group as an update to the previous text-only site. Using iframes, dynamic content displayed in the right-hand column, while the static description always displayed in the left-hand column.